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Welcome friend, we’re glad you took the time to check us out online. If you received one of our invitations in the mail, it’s because we have been praying for you for some time. You may have received mailers or tracts from other churches in the past, and for whatever reason, you didn’t go. We understand; sometimes, the word “church” has some emotional baggage with it. So perhaps it’s best to introduce ourselves a bit differently. You see, we’re your neighbor, and we’ve been thinking of you for a while, and would like to invite you over to the house.

We have deep roots in Elk Park, assembling together on Old Mill Road since 1909. Families you probably know have been meeting together here for generations. Many of the people who built this community also built the building we meet in. Our congregation was born out of a movement of the Spirit of the Lord to be a beacon of hope and a place of fellowship for this community, and in our hundred plus years, we have striven to continue that movement. The fact that we are still here and still thriving after a century is a testimony to the Lord’s work in the hearts of His people. It is our love for God and for our neighbors that motivates us as we work to share the Good News of God’s love through Jesus Christ from the inside out, in word and deed, to one another and all those around us. And that includes you.

Even though we may not have met yet, you have been on our hearts. You see, we’re mighty proud of our church: not because of the building or the programming. Those are just the means to an end. We’re proud of our church because we are a group of people who rely on the grace of God and through faith in Christ allow ourselves to be transformed into what He would have us to be, and to help others know that in their own lives. We understand that humanity has a problem, and Jesus came to fix that problem. That’s the core of the Good News we share, and the mission we as a church have been given: to live and tell people about the better way. Not a way filled with mistakes and pain and guilt and death, but a way of love and kindness and forgiveness and life.

Granted, we are all just people, with all the normal people problems and concerns, but we have found hope in the one who can actually do something about it. We’re not perfect, and we’re still a work in progress, but we try our best to follow the way, and trust in Jesus to help us do so. So as for us, our pride is not in our ability; the pride we take is in the fact that God is working on us. That through Christ the slate is clean, that the problem is being addressed, that we don’t have to keep making the same mistakes, that we can be the people we were intended to be, that we can be a family as God’s children. That’s what we’re proud of: that God has worked in each of our lives, and brought us together so that we can work together toward a future He has planned for us. And we believe you are a part of that plan too. That’s why you received our invitation, because we want you to know that there are people who have loved you before you gave them a reason to, because God has loved you from the beginning. He wants to rescue you, to make you whole, to meet with you and walk along the way with you. To give you a family, a home, a purpose, a goal, and a place to belong that begins here with us and stretches into eternity.

So what can you expect when you walk through our doors? Love: it’s really that simple. Love shown in a welcoming handshake or hug from our wonderful people. Love shown as we praise God through song. Love shown by Christ as we partake of Communion, the reminder of His love for us. Love shown as we study the Bible to hear the message of God’s love for the world. Love shown to the children through special sermons, youth programming and nursery care. Love shown through special events, where we gather together and share life through fellowship. Love that will help you grow in only the way that true love can.

But our love doesn’t just exist on Sundays, and isn’t confined simply to what we say. We show love through community events like free concerts and holiday festivals, where all are welcome. We show love through programs like our Share Closet, a resource where what is given freely can be taken freely. We show love by being available to those in need of someone to talk to. We show love by praying for you and with you. And we show love day by day: chances are, if you meet any of us during the week, wherever you may meet us, we will show you love.

So if this appeals to you at all- and there is not a one of us in the world that does not seek to be loved- we invite you to join us. Come and be a part of a family that loves one another, who love and are loved by God. Come over to the house and let us show you our hospitality. Come and experience church in a way that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. We’re hopeful that you’ll come and check us out in person; we’d love to meet you. We’re saving a seat for you.


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