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If we’re to face facts, here they are: Life is rough. Bad things happen. The world is damaged. Nearly 7 billion souls all crying out, all looking for a fix, for something to do to make it better, all hoping to heal what is sick and dying. And then there’s us, the Church: the small shining beacon in a world of darkness, trying to shine a ray of hope into this damaged world, this rough life. It’s a big job, and it looks even bigger when you juggle the numbers. And while I hate to use a joke to illustrate such a serious point, I suppose sometimes finding humor in the gravest situations is a blessing: how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

But this isn’t a surprise when one looks at the mission of God throughout salvation history: God has often used the small, or even the one, to effect the greatest change. A nation sprang up from Abraham. That tiny nation among all the world empires was called to be a kingdom of priests. And the ultimate demonstration came in Christ: one man who changed the course of the world. And now, it is His one Body, the Church- though composed of many members, yet still united in purpose- that is sent to continue that mission.

But often, a task so large can seem too great for such a small agent of change, so rather than attempt to tackle the whole, sometimes the best course of action is to deal with the parts. To try to change the world, perhaps we need to change it one person at a time. That’s why EPCC is focusing on the ONE: the one person you’ve prayed for, loved, witnessed to, the one you want to come to know Christ in a personal, one on one way. As we focus our individual efforts, each on that one person in prayer and demonstrating the character of Jesus, it is our hope that the light of Christ will be kindled in their hearts. We will grow in Him, and He will grow in them, the Church will expand, the Kingdom will advance, and individual’s lives will be transformed. Suddenly, the world will not seem so dark, as small lights are lit, all coming together to shine the light of Christ- the light that brings hope and healing- to a damaged world.

So we urge you all to do the same: find the ONE life that you can pray for, love, and ultimately share Christ with. Be Jesus to them so that they might meet Him one on one and be made whole and new. Share with them the hope that you have. Invite them to join us. One person at a time.

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